Concer early photo.jpg
Demolition begins by owner.jpg
Norther Exterior Facade.jpg
Original recessed wall panel beneath 6-6 windows in 1st Fl NE corner room.jpg
NE Corner 2nd Floor.jpg
NE Corner 2nd Fl after partial deconstruction revealing posts with tenons designed to accept top place.  Top plate was disguised as chair rail in pre-deconstruction interior photographs.jpg
First Floor Joists.jpg
Uncovered 19th C. wide plank flooring revealed the first enlargement to the north of the original house.jpg
Braces (detail of Roman numerals).jpg
Original %22gunstock%22 post closest to chinmney evidencing signs of charring (fire damage).jpg
Original SW corner post rising above the 2nd Fl to create front and back knee walls..jpg
Full 3%22 wide sawn floor joist typically of early 19th C building period on eastern LI.jpg
Close-up of labelled structural frame facing NE corner (1).jpg
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